Go deeper into arts, culture and performance and get to know the artists and thinkers that make up our distinctive programme.

The artist introduces her work ahead of its installation at Royal Festival Hall
The aerospace engineer turned artist introduces his piece Untitled (1971) in this short video
Senior Curator Cliff Lauson discusses the Hayward Gallery exhibition Space Shifters
Hear the sculptor talk about his distinctive work in this short video
Find out about Yayoi Kusama’s installation, part of Space Shifters
Take a look at the work of the Danish-Icelandic artist
Find out about Anish Kapoor’s outdoor sculpture, part of Space Shifters
Find out about Monika Sosnowska’s architectural intervention, part of Space Shifters
Get a look at the mind-altering effects of the latest must see Hayward Gallery exhibition in our preview video
Find out more about Hayward Gallery’s new perception-altering exhibition
Find out about Richard Wilson’s perception-altering work, part of Space Shifters
Find out about Alicja Kwade’s maze-like installation, part of Space Shifters
Find out about Jeppe Hein’s kinetic sculpture, part of Space Shifters
Watch the fifth in a series of short films exploring key exhibitions from Hayward Gallery’s history
Dr. Cliff Lauson introduces Hayward Gallery's remarkable new group exhibition
Read the remarkable story of Peter Laszlo Peri’s ‘lost’ sculpture.
A behind the scenes look at Ernesto Neto Studio in Rio de Janeiro

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