Words and pictures in the dark: Darkness Visible

How do you see darkness? Do you see it as a nothingness, an empty space? Or do you see it as a pregnant void, a space in which your own existence is harnessed by the absence of surrounding light and visuals? 

These questions were at the heart of the latest work from visual artist Sam Winston, as he explored the landscapes that become available when you are unable to view the outside. He first began drawing in complete darkness; and then invited fellow artists and poets to channel their own experiences and visions of darkness; harnessing the two together in this fascinating installation.

Darkness Visible | Exhibition

Darkness Visible is an immersive exhibition by artist Sam Winston which explores perception and spoken word. The exhibition invites you to experience the creative impact of darkness within a specially commissioned dark room. 

The installation is completely covered in text, written by the Winston during its creation, and once inside you will hear the words of poets, similarly inspired by the experience of dark and darkness.

Beyond the novelty of being in the dark, the darkness is actually about the shift in how you see the world
Sam Winston, visual artist

Darkness Visible runs until 25 March at the National Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall.  It is free, but ticketed.

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