What’s it like to be a young Deaf performer?

Forced Entertainment are a Sheffield-based theatre company that are committed to pushing the boundaries of what theatre is. Earlier this year they became an associate company of Southbank Centre, and in December they join us for their first performance of this partnership.

At southbank Centre in Decmber, 2018, the company performed Tim Etchells’ That Night Follows Day, a remarkable play performed by children for adults, which looks at the way adults project their world onto children and young people, and how this world is shaped by language. Among the cast of eight to 14 year olds bringing this story to life are two Deaf performers, Alex and George.

In this fascinating video we meet George, who explains the challenges that can come from being a Deaf performer in a play with multiple speaking parts, and how Forced Entertainment’s BSL Theatre Consultant has helped him and Alex to transform their script into British Sign Language.

George BSL


I want to be in a professional company. I decided, ‘what’s my dream job?’ and I’d like to do acting, so that’s my aim.
George, performer with Forced Entertainment


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