Utah by Andreas Gursky

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Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 00:00

This vast, cinematic work was inspired by a photograph that the artist took on his phone through the window of a moving car. It depicts a paradoxically ‘wild’ but mediated landscape that has provided the backdrop for science fiction films, westerns and road movies.

Utah (2017)
Copyright: Andreas Gursky/DACS, 2017 Courtesy: Sprüth Magers

The apparent spontaneity of the image, its out-of-focus passages and odd glitches, sets it apart from almost all of Gursky’s previous work. With Utah (2017) Gursky has fashioned a monumental homage to the mobile phone photo – casual, immediate, disposable – and the outsized role it plays in today’s visual culture.

Utah is one of eight new works by Andreas Gursky that are on display for the first time.

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