Think Aloud podcast - Unlimited: legs, wheels and biscuits

In the third edition of Think Aloud, we look ahead to September’s Unlimited, Southbank Centre’s biennial festival, which shines a light on extraordinary work by disabled artists.

We hear from three performers who will be appearing at this year’s festival, starting with comedian Jackie Hagan, who talks to presenter Harriet Fitch Little about how amputation spurred her on to make comedy, and finding her place as both a working class person and performer.

Sitarist Baluji Shrivastav tells us how hearing music in London’s taxis inspired him to create the international orchestra of blind musicians and singers, Inner Vision. We also hear from Jess Thom, creator of the character Touretteshero, who tells us about her own life with Tourette syndrome, and how we should be more prepared to talk about disability.

Unlimited: legs, wheels and biscuits by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud


I think we should talk about disability, I think disability is something that is often not talked about because people are frightened and scared of it and what it might mean.
Jess Thom, comedian and performer

Unlimited takes place at Southbank Centre on 5 - 9 September and features music, comedy, theatre, dance and more.

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