Think Aloud podcast - Artificial intelligence: creative robots and Move 37

In March 2016, during a game of the traditional Chinese strategy game Go, between world champion Lee Sedol and a computer program called AlphaGo, the computer made a move no human in the game’s 2,500 year history would have considered. This move, Move 37, was at first seen as a mistake by experts, but in hindsight was shown to be a tactical masterstroke, beyond the minds of the world’s greatest Go masters.

In this episode of our Think Aloud podcast, Harriet Fitch Little speaks with Rupert Thomson, Southbank Centre's Performance and dance programmer and Thomas Ryckewaert, actor and director about their fascination with Move 37. They talk about what this moment meant for both society, the arts and how it shapes our relationship with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence: creative robots and Move 37 by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud

Also in this episode, we hear an interview with Patrick Tresset, an artist that has programmed robots to draw portraits for him. Working in Tresset’s own style of drawing, they act like an artist and has no idea how the drawings will turn out.



Move 37 by Thomas Ryckewaert comes to Southbank Centre on 14 March, 2019. 

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