Via Negativa II (2014) by Lee Bul

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 17:49

In her large-scale sculptural installations, Lee Bul attempts to get our body and our brain working ‘at the same time, together.’ She often makes use of mirrored surfaces in these installations, taking advantage of the way that reflective materials allow her to bring our bodies – and the bodies of those around us – directly into the work.

Lee Bul Via Negativa II (interior detail), 2014 (003_LeeBul_ViaNegativaII_detail_2014_LMG)
Via Negativa II (2014) at Hayward Gallery, 2018. © Lee Bul 2018.

Lee Bul Via Negativa II (interior detail), 2014. Image: Elisabeth Bernstein Courtesy: Lehmann Maupin New York and Hong Kong


The mirrored surfaces inside the maze-like Via Negativa II (2014) create the disorientating impression of ‘endless fictional paths’ whilst reflecting back our bodies in fragmented form. The text that covers the exterior of this work – printed in reverse – is taken from a 1976 book by Julian Jaynes, in which the American psychologist argued that early humans experienced a kind of ‘split consciousness’: messages from one side of the brain were experienced as auditory hallucinations by the other.  



Lee Bul: Crashing at Hayward Gallery runs until 19 August 2018

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