In the Gallery: Ralph Rugoff on Gursky

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‘One thing you really get a sense of from this exhibition is the world we live in.’ Director of Hayward Gallery Ralph Rugoff leads you through selected works from the Gallery’s retrospective of the works of Andreas Gursky.

With a focus on some of the photographer’s more recent works, including Utah (2017) and Tokyo (2017), Rugoff describes how Gursky continues to showcase a very modern world without ever making a political statement, instead leaving it to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

In The Gallery | Ralph on Gurksy


In this intimate video Rugoff’ describes Gursky’s methodical attention to detail and the painstaking process the artist goes through with every image he produces. Its an attention to detail which led to the artist undertaking the same train journey over and over again in order to build up the composition of Tokyo, and also seek to recreate the distortion of a photograph taken on the move for Utah.

Through these works, as Rugoff explains, Gursky has given a completely different stature and meaning to the very modern art of the mobile phone photograph.

When we were installing the show I kept using the word painting by accident, because these works have such a sophisticated, formal complexity to them, that they seem like they exist somewhere in between photography and painting.
Ralph Rugoff, Director of Hayward Gallery

Andreas Gursky runs until 22 April. The Gallery is open 11am – 7pm every day except Tuesdays. Late night openings Thursday until 9pm.

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