2 – 3 NOV 2019

Join us for a weekend dedicated to meditative listening and deep concentration. 


It’s the soft strains of Malibu's spoken voice overlaying the swell of 16 live cellos and cut-up sound Foley, alongside the entombing chorales of Nivhek.

The slowly layering canons of John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky, in which 16 individual cello lines evoke the movement of sun and moon in a fantasy sky. The dark underworld chromaticism of Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories, where the flow of piano tones becomes an unspoken mantra to infinity.

The deep tunnel of sound embraced by the bravest of listeners in Trilogie de la Mort by Eliane Radigue, the long-form bass experience never to be forgotten by those willing to give up the surface of the world for three hours. 

The single-breath flute exhalations and playful commissioning of Kathryn Williams, encouraging the audience to breathe with the performer, in a strangely moving exercise in empathy.

Laura Cannell's long-drawn studies of medieval folk fiddle and double pipe music, riffing on melodies that feel both close at hand and buried by stages of modernity. Hanne Darboven's iridescent patterns for cello and organ, obsessive in numerology and variation.

Lying at the bottom of the ocean gazing at the dappled half-light and shadow-play of a performer. Permission to stop thinking altogether.

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