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Friday Lunch: Fuwah

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The experimental jazz band paints a picture of contemporary Europe from the perspective of eight women in new album Europo: sen limoj.

Written in eight languages, the album is a human journey without borders that brings the listener through melancholy and unsettlement to hope and understanding.

The lyrics create a dynamic narrative of Europe, evoking Europa's female spirit and revealing the importance of human connection.

Europo: sen limoj was conceived as a response to Brexit by singer Maddalena Ghezzi, an immigrant to the UK.

Ghezzi is joined on bass by Luca Pissavini, Filippo Cozzi on saxophone, and Fabrizio Carriero on drums.

The band gathered women who had experienced the freedom that comes with movement to contribute their words to this album.

Both the title and the tracks’ names are in Esperanto and are ordered according to a hypothetical physical journey through Europe.

The music was composed starting from a riff and developed in various shapes and forms, linking the tracks to create a common narrative and highlight how diversity can coexist.

This is only the beginning; Fuwah plans to expand the project and include more women from different backgrounds in the narrative.

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Royal Festival Hall
Central Bar, Level 2