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Violet Nights: Cancel Culture

Part of Violet Nights

Add your voice to the debate on the worthiness and effectiveness of cancel culture and whether you can ever separate the art from the artist.

In an age of problematic faves, insensitive branding and allegations of abuse, what does it mean to cancel your favourite artist, celebrity or brand and how effective is it?

Examine who decides which artists are cancelled, and how, and what the response can be towards fans who chose to continue watching or listening to the artist’s works.

Have your chance to discuss how we live out and navigate our identities online, and how public backlash plays out through social media.

Speakers include
Ayishat Akanbi is a fashion stylist, writer, cultural commentator and artist
Luciana Musello has worked as a content creator, graphic designer and social media strategist for several music and arts projects in her home country, Ecuador. Her research interests include gender, politics and cultural work, and their intersections with digital media.
Tobi Oredein, chairing the event, is a journalist and founder of Black Ballad

Violet Nights is our social space for young people to express their views and explore topical issues through music, performance and discussion.

Dates & times

30 May 2019
Approximate run time: 120 mins
Run times may vary, find out more
    • Thu 30 May 2019
      • 7:00 pm
        sold out


Royal Festival Hall
Blue Room, Level 1


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For ages 18 – 30