Friday Tonic: Lunch Money

Part of Friday Tonic

Can you take robot music, and play it live? Lunch Money thinks so. Hear experimental bass-heavy jazz-dub fusion from the collective at a free Friday evening performance.

Lunch Money met at a local library as part of a philosophical reading group. Their first release, Living3000, was made in London’s Total Refreshment Centre, and mixed by Danalogue of The Comet Is Coming.

The EP features a remix of the title track by Time Cow and Bobby Blackbird of Equiknoxx Music, plus ‘Informant’, a collage made up of synthesizers and manipulated field recordings. The EP reveals a meditation on the future, creating a sonic environment that alters the brain’s experience of an ever more malleable, melting world.

Dates & times

3 May 2019
Approximate run time: 90 mins
Run times may vary, find out more
    • Fri 3 May 2019
      • 5:30 pm


Queen Elizabeth Hall
Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer