The Ethiopian Coffee Company at Southbank Centre

The Ethiopian Coffee Company brings you the finest coffee direct from its birthplace to your cup at Southbank Centre.

All their coffees are grown organically by traditional methods at high altitudes with ample rainfall, a near-perfect climate, good fertility and natural planting conditions.

As well as making you the perfect cup, you can buy beans to take home with you – ground to suit your coffee machine, if you like.

If coffee’s not your cup of tea, try a hot chocolate instead. And there are a variety of non-dairy milks to choose from.

fast facts
  • Location: Southbank Centre Square
  • Neighbours: Maria Sabina & Kanji
  • Run by: Anteneth
  • Good to know: You can pay by card
  • Must try: Bailey’s latte (ask for it on ice if it’s hot out)
opening hours
  • Friday 12 noon – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am – 8pm 
  • Sunday 12 noon – 6pm 
  • Monday (bank holidays only) 12 noon – 6pm