Go deeper into arts, culture and performance and get to know the artists and thinkers that make up our distinctive programme.

A quick introduction to the sights and sounds of Alchemy festival
Amrita Riat offers an overview of the British Asian artists here at Alchemy
Lu Kemp, director of The Lounge discusses her research into older age for the production
Explore how new technologies are impacting our perceptions and experiences of death, with Professor Josh Cohen
We caught up with Devorah Baum, author of Feeling Jewish and The Jewish Joke
Discover the key messages and themes in Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio
Fashion reuse charity TRAID is teaming up once again with other wonderful charities at Southbank Centre as part of the Charity Shop Emporium Weekend.
Involvement with Streetwise Opera and the Choir With No Name can be the first rung on a ladder of self-confidence.
Charity shopping means shopping with a conscience, helping to reduce clothes waste and supporting a good cause at the same time. This is true compassion fashion shopping!
Bloc Party's Kele Okereke talks about his life and work
Simon Parkin and a panel of gaming experts, designers and writers discuss the male obsession with video games
A panel including poet Anthony Anaxagorou debate whether stop and search is effective.
Listen to audio highlights of Southbank Centre's Being a Man festival 2016
What needs to be done to tackle the social stigma around male mental health?
Explore what society wants of dads and what sort of dads men want to be
Use our timeline to discover what our experts predict will take place over the century to come
Meet Maame Adjei, one of the stars of the most globally successful television series from Africa An African City
In recent years, disabled artists have grabbed the narrative from non-disabled hands
Our 2016 Being A Man festival asks what it means to be a hero in the modern world
A trailer from The Musical Genius featuring Derek Paravicini
Hip-hop artist Akala discusses men and sexual and racial taboos
A panel including Akala, Shane Ryan, Ekow Eshun and writer Topher Campbell discuss stereotypes
Afro-Guyanese playwright John Agard at Poetry Parnassus
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds...
J. K. Rowling launches The Casual Vacancy, her first novel for adults
Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner on how her homeland and people were subjected to nuclear explosions
Candoco Dance Company present an evening of bold new dance
Watch the trailer for Ana Mendieta: Traces, the UK's first retrospective of her work
A past Alchemy highlight: Shye Ben-Tzur and Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood perform 'Challa Wahi Desh'
Evidence, a dance company at Southbank Centre
Uncover the compositions that changed the way we listen forever
Wayne Marshall conducts Chineke! inc. Elegy: In Memoriam – Stephen Lawrence and Beethoven's 7th
Panel discussion about building on the legacy of London 2012 for women and sport
Billy Bragg introduces the idea behind Big Busk at Southbank Centre
Tony Benn talks to activist and writer John Rees about the formation of the Labour Party
See some Slava's Snow Show at The Southbank Centre
Sir Tim Berners-Lee appeared in conversation with Professor Richard Susskind OBE
Edna Adan gives a keynote on why she built her country’s first maternity hospital
Listen to 100 of Venezuela's finest young voices
James Runcie chairs a panel to investigate what level of oppression is felt by gay men
Aleks is an academic and journalist who writes about and studies technology and interactivity
Tony Benn discusses the founding of the Labour Party
An audio podcast on the fascinating history of the Moulin Rouge
The children from Imagine Children's Festival interviewed Wayne Hemingway about housing
An audio podcast recorded for Sounds Venezuela 2012
For Imagine Children's Festival 2013 the kids are taking over!
Marcus du Sautoy gives the science keynote, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity
Rachel Bowlby and Claire Armistead look at the early life and works of Virginia Woolf
Why do negative stereotypes of mental illness still persist?
China continues to exercise one of the most extensive and comprehensive Internet censorship policies
Stephen Johnson, discusses Soviet influence on the great Russian composers
Frederick Taylor on German history and the rise of the extreme right
Speakers include Brian Dow, Sue Baker and Paul Farmer, CEO of Mind
The children at Imagine Festival interview writer Frank Cottrell Boyce
What was the US doing in Hawaii? Why did the Japanese attack them there?
A discussion on the Edwardian aesthetic. What was the influence of the Belle Epoque?
Carolyn Forché explores how poets have been shaped by extreme events
How our data shadows and digital dandruff can be used to track and record our activities online
A discussion about mental health care – how things have changed and where it’s heading
Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the Web
Find out about European composers in America
Discover more about songwriting credits and rights
Short podcast featuring teenage artists
Hear about the influence of Picasso's Guernica
Hear from artists on the bill of Alchemy 2012
Why are the inequalities in the way mentally ill people are treated?
What do young people have to say about mental health?
Hear the story of a suicidal man and the good samaritan who saved him
Rob Delaney talks about mental health, addiction and recovery
Discussion of finding meaning as memory breaks down
Alex Ross gives his second keynote talk for 2013's The Rest Is Noise festival
Michael Rosen talks about the importance of funny books for kids
The American folklorist and author who influenced many writers including Alice Walker
What does love mean to you? Can it be found on dating apps or social networks?
For many people, art makes it that little bit easier to be human
We speak to Brian Dow, the Director of External Affairs for Rethink Mental Illness


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