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What are the Herne Hill pop duo listening to right now?
The Hong Kong-born singer-songwriter on the unexpected influences of her grandparents' country
The musician/producer has curated a very eclectic Spotify playlist of his current favourites
Discover more about this intriguing composer and musician
The drum & bass stalwart is back with his third artist album and his second autobiography
How do you explain a ‘multi-sensory encounter of shifting sound and light’?
An exclusive interview with violinist Leonidas Kavakos
An utterly remarkable percussion solo from a true master -Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
Peaches talks to music journalist Jude Rogers about social and political activism
Billy Bragg travels down to Guy Marsh Prison, Dorset getting guitars into prisons
An audio podcast on the legend that is Duke Ellington
How does Shankar's music continue to resonate today?
Performed by Southbank Gamelan Players. Recorded by Richard Van Nairn
The most exciting artists from South Asia and the UK gather at Alchemy
Artists inspire each other this month at Southbank Centre


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