Go deeper into arts, culture and performance and get to know the artists and thinkers that make up our distinctive programme.

Why does this Benedictine monk think religion has a place in schools?
Amrita Riat offers an overview of the British Asian artists here at Alchemy
Hear comedian, actor and writer Cariad Lloyd's thoughts on life and death
Hip-hop artist Akala discusses men and sexual and racial taboos
Tony Benn talks to activist and writer John Rees about the formation of the Labour Party
Tony Benn discusses the founding of the Labour Party
The children from Imagine Children's Festival interviewed Wayne Hemingway about housing
For Imagine Children's Festival 2013 the kids are taking over!
Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the Web
We speak to Brian Dow, the Director of External Affairs for Rethink Mental Illness
Being a Man festival speaker, Tim Samuels answers our questions

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