Willing To Be Vulnerable – Velvet #6 DDRG240C (2017) by Lee Bul

Sunday, July 1, 2018 - 10:31

This intricate collage offers a glimpse into a vast and fractured futuristic landscape. It is one of a number of wall-pieces by Lee Bul that are constructed from organic materials which, in the artist’s words, ‘come from the inside out’. Velvet, which forms the base of this collage, is made from silk, ‘the discharge of silkworms’, while mother of pearl is produced by shellfish in the attempt to heal a wound.

Lee Bul, Willing To Be Vulnerable – Velvet #6 DDRG240C, 2017. Courtesy: Studio Lee Bul


Speaking of the mixture of materials in her work, Lee Bul has said that ‘I choose what I work with carefully. Everything has connotations, stories’. Enjoying the way that different materials ‘collide’, she often places ‘something masculine next to something feminine, solid with reflective, flexible with inflexible’. Elements of this collage – not least the Zeppelin, which is visible in the bottom-right hand section of this work – reappear elsewhere in the exhibition in the form of large-scale sculptures or immersive environments.



Lee Bul: Crashing at Hayward Gallery runs until 19 August 2018

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