Which monster is your child?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 12:51

Monsters, as we all know, come in many shapes and sizes. Some have big gnashers, others have slimy green skin or even terrifying blue horns.

Our show Monstersaurus! lifts the lid on how exactly different monsters are created. It tells the story of the inventor Monty, and how he discovers what monsters are created when different ingredients have been mixed together.

The show is hilarious, with some great songs, silly costumes and sllllightly frightening monsters (but not too frightening). And now that we’ve got monsters on our minds, we’ve started wondering: if we were monsters, which one would we be?

In case you’re wondering the same thing, we’ve put together this very scientific quiz for families to do together. Just ask your children to answer the nine short questions below and all will be revealed!


Join in the fun

Discover the full story of Monstersaurus! at our super fun family show, which takes place from Tuesday 7 – Sunday 12 August and is recommended for ages 3+. It features singing, puppets and plenty of audience interaction.

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