What are people saying about M.I.A.'s Meltdown?

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 17:10

Meltdown festival is still going strong, so strong in fact it’s hard to remember a time it wasn’t M.I.A.’s Meltdown at Southbank Centre.

Of course we could tell you ourselves how amazing a festival it has been, wax lyrical about how vibrant it’s been here for the past week, but then you’d expect us to say that. So, instead of giving you our thoughts, we’ve pulled together a bunch of other peoples’. From reviews to tweets, here’s what people are saying about M.I.A.’s Meltdown.

M.I.A.’s Meltdown’s epic opening weekend

We brought you the fans’ take on MHD’s Royal Festival Hall show earlier this week, but now the reviews are in, and they’re as celebratory as the tweets from those in the audience.

The atmosphere was infectious, the performer was playful and full of energy and the crowd was twerking.
True Africa, review of MHD at Meltdown
Tonight is only MHD’s second show in London, yet a significant section of the crowd are treating this like the event of the year. Which, yeah, it kind of is.
Cosmo Godfree, reviewing MHD for Ransom Note

On Monday, it was the turn of the elder-statesman of Grime, Giggs, on the Royal Festival Hall stage.

The man from Peckham was churning up four star reviews all over the press, from the Evening Standard to The Telegraph.

The swaggering set was an absolute blast, a masterful demonstration of how much you can achieve with a DJ, a big sound system and a man who knows how to work a microphone.
Neil McCormick, reviewing Giggs for The Telegraph
Monday nights at the Southbank Centre aren't usually like this
Thomas Gane, reviewing Giggs for Loud and Quiet

You’re not wrong Mr Gane, so even greater reason to revel in it when they are, as NJ, below, aptly summarises.

On Wednesday night youth came to the fore, with a double header of New York rapper Princess Nokia and the electronic hip-hop of Yung Lean. It was enough of a draw to get the folks from Refuge/e away from their Southbank Centre installation and into Royal Festival Hall.

Princess Nokia turned 25 on the day of her gig here with us, and the crowd weren’t shy of birthday love for her and her performance.

And Princess Nokia duly reciprocated that love by heading outside afterwards to hang with some of her fans on Southbank Centre Square.

Back on stage Yung Lean gave the Southbank Centre crowd an incredible display of light and sound, that had all in Royal Festival Hall jumping.

What a night indeed, Oskar, and never let it be said that this Meltdown hasn’t transcended the boundaries of age and expectation. As Nathanael’s tweet below goes to show...

On Thursday it was time for the sound of dancehall and reggae rhythms to echo round the Southbank Centre as Dexta Daps and I Wayne brought Jamaican vibes to SE1. And it seems Dexta Daps was particularly enamoured with the Meltdown crowd.

And whilst Dexta Daps was singing our praises, I Waynes was busy breaking hearts. Aint that right, Deb?

Taking us into Meltdown’s final weekend were Crystal Castles, who pitched up on Friday night to drench us all in lo-res electronica. It was an absolute onslaught, according to Paul, but in a good way. 

Last word on Friday night’s gig and indeed all our midweek Meltdown action goes to Lloyd, below.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Lloyd.

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