Watch trailers for this year's Darbar Festival

Two household names from the world of Indian music introduce their performances at Southbank Centre.

Shankar Mahadevan brings his new show dedicated to the Hindu deity Krishna to the UK for the first time. His sublime vocal stylings draw together varied traditions from his home country, along with the worlds of classical Indian music and Bollywood, for a spectacular show on Saturday 16 September.

Shankar Mahadevan's Krishna Concert Promo at Darbar Festival 2017


Hariharan is a master of the ghazal style, which he calls 'a conversation with your beloved', that expresses the complex beauty accompanying the pain of love or its loss. Here he tells us more about his concert on Sunday 17 September, and provides a sample of his powerful singing.

Hariharen: King of Ghazal Concert at Darbar Festival 2017