Watch Lost Horizons new music video, Triptych

Doing things differently is at the heart of all that Lost Horizons stand for. A collaboration between former Cocteau Twins bassist Simon Raymonde and Richard Thomas of Dif Juz, the pair hooked up with a want to make and play music without the pressures of release dates or label requirements. This free-wheeling approach has already spawned an album, Ojalá - released on 3 November and featuring guest vocalists including Ghostpoet, Liela Moss and more - and now it brings a very unique music video.

Directed by BAFTA-award-winning director Kieran Evans, Triptych brings together three songs from Lost Horizons in one experimental video. Filmed on the Pembrokeshire coast where Evans grew-up Triptych is - in an age when we are regularly told that attention spans are shortening - a marked departure from what’s become expected of the music video format.

Lost Horizons - Triptych: A film by Kieran Evans


On the video’s release we spoke with Simon Raymonde, to ask how Lost Horizons came to work with Evans on this project?

We’ve been friends since 2001, when Kieran came with me to the South by South West music festival to make some short music promos-with-a-difference for some of the bands on the Bella Union label - John Grant’s first band The Czars, Texan trio Lift To Experience and young band Departure Lounge. We’ve always connected when it comes to storytelling, his black humour is very in tune with mine and also his appreciation of beautiful things.


So, you’ve long been a fan of Evans work?

When he won a BAFTA a few years ago for Outstanding Debut as a director for Kelly+Victor, it felt to me the perfect accolade for such an sublime talent. Many say it but few follow through on it, but Kieran does everything with integrity, he’d rather work for no pay on something he really believed in than just take a pay-off for something he didn’t.


And how did the film Triptych come about?

He came to me with this idea of the ‘triptych’ short film and as he felt so strongly about our music, I knew what he would come up with, would resonate. It’s a powerful story with great acting and rather than be seen as a promo video for the music, the film tells the story with the music as just part of the narrative thread.


Lost Horizons perform their acclaimed debut album Ojalá live in its entirety for the first time here at Southbank Centre on Friday 14 September. This very special show will also be your only opportunity to see Lost Horizons perform live with 11 of the album’s guest vocalists, including Ghostpoet, Leila Moss of The Duke Spirit, Marissa Nadler, Tim Smith of Midlake, Soffie Viemose of Lowly and many more.

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