Watch the final Hayward Gallery pyramid go into place

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 17:56

Get a unique view of Hayward Gallery, and London, as the final glass pyramid rooflight is fitted into position on the iconic building.

Our project to Let The Light In on our 1960s arts venues recently reached an important milestone as the final glass pyramid rooflight was lowered into place on top of the Hayward Gallery. And, thanks to some nifty camera-work, you can get a unique pyramid's-eye perspective on the operation.

The Last Roof Pyramid Arrives At Hayward Gallery

However, though the pyramids are in place, our work isn't over. There is still much to do in the final year of the refurbishment project, including:

  • installing the 66 internal coffer linings on Hayward Gallery’s upper gallery ceilings; these go under the rooflights helping to let controlled natural light in for the first time
  • restoring the gallery’s stone floors to their original appearance
  • repaving the famous sculpture terraces and making them waterproof
  • cleaning some of the gallery’s concrete.

Find out more about our historic Let The Light In refurbishment project and how you can get involved.

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