Travel in time with us

Sunday, October 9, 2016 - 11:46

Use our timeline to discover what our experts predict will take place over the century to come.

Trump will be revealed to be a sleeper agent for a sinister Illuminati-style government... (I am being satirical, legal team of Donald Trump).
Nikesh Shukla
Within 10 years, cell phones are going to become our all: ID, passport, entry codes, inextricably linked to our identity with all our history carried around with us.
Lauren Beukes
I predict that we’ll happily eat in-vitro meat in 10 years time.
Thomas Thwaites

25 Years

In 25 years, sex with robots or in virtual space will be normal, and in some cases, preferred.
Lauren Beukes

50 Years

In 50 years’ time, the majority of our energy will be generated from carbon-free sources.
Gaia Vince
In physics there’s a possibility that 50 years will be enough to deliver the long-sought Theory of Everything, and physics will reach quietus.
Richard Dawkins
Will we still have a liveable planet 50 years from now? Kill the oceans and it’s game over for oxygen-breathing mid-range mammals – the oceans make 60-80% of our oxygen. Superheating them and dumping them full of plastic may spell our doom. That’s the fear. The hope is that we’ll be smart enough to avoid this fate. Care to bet on it?
Margaret Atwood

100 Years

Out beyond 50 years, self-sustaining colonies may be established on Mars. Human travel to other star systems lies way beyond 50 years, but radio communication from extraterrestrial scientists is an ever-present possibility. However, the intervening light centuries will rule out conversation.
Richard Dawkins

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