Think Aloud podcast - Novels: winning readers and prizes

What does it take for a novel to win over a reader? What does it take for a novel to win a prize?

For the second episode of our monthly Think Aloud podcast, journalist and presenter Harriet Fitch Little is joined in conversation by Debo Amon, one of Southbank Centre’s Literature Programmers, to discuss how the way in which how we read novels has changed, why 'shameful' literature is so popular, and whether the novel will stand the test of time.

Novels: winning readers and prizes by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud

When we read, it is a space in which we can engage with our most private and most transgressive thoughts
Debo Amon, Southbank Centre Literature Programmer

Also in this month’s edition we enjoy an entertaining excerpt from journalist and author Caitlin Moran’s recent appearance at Southbank Centre, in which she talks about a woman’s approach to literature and how she found her ‘place’ as a writer.

This is why I love writing about being a woman; most of what we do hasn't been written yet
Caitlin Moran

And, we look at how books win prizes, with Ted Hodgkinson, Southbank Centre’s Head of Literature and Spoken Word, talking us through the secrets and the realities of judging a book prize.


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