Think Aloud podcast - Modern music: composing, curating and cl***ical

Inspired by January 2019’s Soundstate festival, Harriet Fitch Little is joined by Southbank Centre's Director of Music, Gillian Moore; the CEO of Sound & Music, Susanna Eastburn; and Dai Fujikura, composer of contemporary classical music.

In this, the latest instalment of our regular Think Aloud podcast series, Fitch Little and the panel discuss what prompted SoundState festival’s creation, and the newness of new music. They also take a look at the trouble with genres, how writing music will never be the same, and why they prefer not to use the word ‘classical’.

Modern music: composing, curating and cl***ical by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud


The way that people are creating and curating and producing music is no longer neatly defined... even twenty years there was contemporary classical music and there was improvised music and these were very separate things, and that simply isn’t the case now.
Susanna Eastburn, CEO of Sound & Music


SoundState, celebrating the artists who are defining what it means to make new music in the 21st century, takes place at Southbank Centre 16 - 20 January 2019.

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