Think Aloud podcast - Comedy: the truth and the lies

In the sixth episode of our regular podcast series we turn our focus to comedy, as Harriet Fitch Little is joined in our dressing room come recording studio by ‘Ken Cheng, Chinese Comedian’.

The pair discuss Cheng’s breakthrough comedic video, a parody of a fresher’s excitement at starting Cambridge University, how he tests out new material, and drawing laughs from risque similes for the flag of Antigua and Barbuda.

Also on this edition of Think Aloud is Dave Gorman, who explains how reviewers’ interpretation of ‘Gormanesque’ often differs to his own, how his shows come into existence, and why the use of a projector enables him to mine comedy seams beyond the audience’s general knowledge.

And in answer to this week’s burning question, the comedian and writer Holly Walsh tells us what you do when nobody laughs.


Comedy: the truth and the lies by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud

‘I am now in a double act, with a projector screen and a powerpoint presentation’

Dave Gorman


Throughout the year Southbank Centre gives you plenty of opportunities to exercise your laughing gear, from established stand-ups to new comedic voices.

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