Think Aloud podcast - Ask a Curator Day

In the fourth edition of Think Aloud, we join the #AskACuratorDay celebrations to find out about some of the most surprising, challenging and moving things that go on behind the scenes for the people pulling together our artistic programme.

Our regular host, arts and culture journalist Harriet Fitch-Little, is joined by: Bengi Unsal,  Senior Contemporary Music Programmer; Debo Amon, Literature Programmer; Rupert Thomson, Senior Programmer Performance & Dance and Jessica Cerasi, art curator and author of Who's Afraid of Contempoprary Art?

Tune in now to find out what career moments have moved them to tears and why a contemporary art curator would need to be an expert in the life cylcle of the silk worm, amongst other things.

Ask the curators: the stresses and secrets of programming by Southbank Centre: Think Aloud

You do get some hilarious tech riders - we've got a show coming up with a full sized stuffed horse and also one with a live dog that will be brought in from New York via Paris
Rupert Thomson, Senior Programmer Performance & Dance

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