Take a Chance on ‘ABBA Day’ at Southbank Centre in December

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 14:45

ABBA are clearly the best band to ever exist. It's an undeniable fact. One which could easily be proven by scientists in gold standard randomized, double blind, placebo controlled testing, you know, if they really put their minds to it. ABBA have the best songs, the best melodies and the best harmonies, all sung by the best singers wearing the best costumes ever. Well, maybe not the best costumes, but they’re pretty awesome.

So if any band in the world deserves a day’s celebration it’s ABBA. Agree? Then have we got a day for you (as well as a whole exhibition, more of which follows). How could you ever refuse? You won’t even need money, money, money to come along, as all these events are free.

Somewhere in the ABBA Big Sing crowd is you

...and you’re learning the parts to some of ABBA’s best songs. Then you’re singing them with people who’ve learnt the other parts to the same ABBA songs, and you’re in a big mass of lovely, happy people singing their hearts out. As one of the world’s greatest philosophers once asked: ‘Without a song or a dance what are we?’

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Who are the Dancing Queens?

You are! As you take to The Clore Ballroom's beautiful floor and learn super fun routines to your favourite ABBA tunes. You don’t need experience (except maybe dancing in your bedroom with a hairbrush microphone), you do need a sense of fun though!

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Voulez-vous to see the film Mamma Mia with the audience all in fancy dress?

Mamma Mia! - Official® Trailer [HD]

Of course you do! Here’s what will happen: you will slip into your finest satin flares, gather your besties, bring a cushion and your favourite film snacks and soft drinks. We’ll screen Mamma Mia for free, make sure our bar is fully stocked and everyone will have time time of their life.

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No, thank you for the music – at ABBAoke

Channel your inner Agnetha or Anni-Frid, Bjorn or Benny and let them shine at this evening of ABBA-themed karaoke. Channel your outer ABBA favourites too, in fancy dress; it’s a celebration after all!

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Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go... to the ABBA: Super Troupers exhibition!

When all is said and done, it’s about the exhibition. ABBA: Super Troupers is a very special opportunity to find out the full story of ABBA’s music, lyrics, lives – and even see some of those iconic costumes up close through our immersive tour. It’s looking set to be very popular so book now to avoid missing out.

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All of these events take place on Sunday 17 December, and ABBA: Super Troupers is open from Thursday 14 December – Sunday 29 April.

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