Sue Perkins: East of Croydon

As part of London Literature Festival we welcomed comedian and presenter Sue Perkins onto the stage of our Royal Festival Hall, to discuss her new book East of Croydon. That is of course, once she’d finished playing with her sign-language interpreter.

Interviewed by her partner, the television presenter Anna Richardson, Perkins treated us to an evening packed full of crackling wit and dubious puns, which you can enjoy in this podcast, specially recorded at the event. 

Sue Perkins by Southbank Centre's Book Podcast


Beginning with an excerpt from her book, Perkins goes on to explain how travel hadn’t exactly been in the family’s genes.

When we grew up the closest we got to adventure was a day trip to Brighton. My dad would wake us up at half five and bundle us into the car…. Croydon where we lived is only 38 miles from Brighton, so we’d arrive at half six in the morning.

East of Croydon however, takes Perkins far beyond this localised travel of her childhood, detailing her extraordinary adventures across Southern Asia, from the Himalayas to Hong Kong, via the tranquil Mekong River, and the less tranquil streets of Varanasi.

My mum went to Ibiza, but she said it wasn’t Spanish enough. She’d never been to Spain before so I have no idea what she was comparing it to.

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