Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast: Sara Pascoe: Sex, Power, Money

In this special episode of Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast, comedian Sara Pascoe discusses her new book Sex, Power, Money with host of The Guilty Feminist, Deborah Frances-White.

Sex, Power, Money sees Pascoe draw on anecdotal experience, unqualified opinion, interviews and research as she confronts her fear of the male libido. In the book she explores questions such as: Why don’t people care about the welfare of the people they masturbate to, or make any connection with the stigma around those who work in the sex industry?

In this podcast, recorded in September 2019, Pascoe and Frances-White explore the differences in perceptions on what can be considered erotica, why those who first discovered Pompeii believed the town to be full of brothels, and why pornography is to blame for 9/11.


Sara Pascoe: Sex, Power, Money by Southbank Centre's Book Podcast


I knew I wasn’t representative [of people my age] because I saw porn twice, by accident, before I wrote my book at the age of 36


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