Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast: Anna Burns - Milkman

In this special episode of Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast, Anna Burns, the winner of the 2018 Man Booker Prize, speaks to our Head of Literature and Spoken Word, Ted Hodgkinson about her award-winning novel, Milkman.

Over the course of the discussion, Burns explains how the book began in her mind, the moments at which her writing process makes her feel ‘angel shivers’, and how winning the Prize feels.

We also hear an excerpt from Milkman, read live by the author at Southbank Centre, just 48 hours before the novel won the prestigious Man Booker Prize, and an accompanying discussion with Damian Barr about why it is Burns’ characters don’t have names.


Anna Burns: Milkman by Southbank Centre's Book Podcast


The book itself, it’s not traditional realism, written in a traditional realist style, but then life’s not always traditional realism either and I think the language fits in with that, that it’s not a recognisable realistic world.
Anna Burns on her novel, Milkman


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