Southbank Centre’s Book Podcast: Richard Dawkins, an argument for Atheism

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Ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins has spent a lifetime helping us rethink the big questions. As part of our 2019 autumn literature festival he joined David Freeman — former presenter of BBC World Service’s Science in Action, and Sky’s The Book Show — to discuss his new book, the Sunday Times bestseller, Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide.

In this podcast the pair take Dawkins’ book as a cue to discuss a broad range of topics including the polarising ‘tribalism’ of religion, Dawkins preference for truth over symbolism, what he believes happens when you die, and whether you can be good without a God. 

Richard Dawkins: an argument for Atheism by Southbank Centre's Book Podcast


It still seems to be true in America that politicians have to pay lip service to being religious believers. That cannot be true if you think about it statistically. There are five hundred and thirty something members of US Congress and some of them no doubt are pretty well educated.
Richard Dawkins on politicians and religion


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