Sky Mirror, Blue (2016) by Anish Kapoor

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Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 10:52

Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror, Blue (2016) is situated on one of Hayward Gallery’s outdoor sculpture terraces. This concave mirror doesn’t just reflect but also transforms the space around it; turning the reflected world upside down, it also saturates it in blue.

Anish Kapoor, Sky Mirror, Blue, 2016. Installation view Hayward Gallery, London, 2018 © Anish Kapoor. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2018. Photo: Mark Blower 


‘Concave objects do strange things to space’, Kapoor has said. ‘The space of the object is no longer on its surface, nor is it contained within the boundaries of the physical object’. Sky Mirror, Blue encourages what the artist has described as ‘a sort of metaphysical looking’: rather than looking at the artwork, we find ourselves looking through it and beyond it.

I’m interested in contradiction. In the idea that what you see isn’t quite what you think you see.
Anish Kapoor

Space Shifters at Hayward Gallery runs until 6 January 2019

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