Recipe: One good loaf = 7 delicious days


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Saturday, August 6, 2016 - 20:50

Tara and Richard tell us how to make their signature loaf last a full week.

Baking day

Fresh warm bread! You don’t need to add anything to make it taste better at this point.

Day 2

Make an open-topped sandwich. BLT anyone?

Day 3

Start your day with delicious French toast. Add some cinnamon to the egg and serve with sliced banana.

Day 4

Pasta for dinner? Make homemade garlic bread. Spread butter on your bread, crush garlic over it, sprinkle with salt and pop it under the grill.

Day 5

Take some of your leftover garlic bread and turn it into croutons to put on a salad for the next day’s lunch.

Day 6

Make French onion soup, the star of the show is your bread: melt cheese over the top of thick slices, and sit them on top of your piping hot broth.

Day 7

Make a classic British bread & butter pudding. This deserves to be made with amazing bread, the last few slices from your loaf are perfect.