Q&A: Jenny Jones, Green Party, on politics and misogyny

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 18:42

As the government moves to enact Article 50, signalling the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, our WOW – Women of the World festival hosted a timely discussion on the impact of Brexit on women.

Will Brexit be good for women, or do they risk losing hard-won rights? The Green Party’s Jenny Jones, who voted to Leave, joined female politicians on both sides of the Brexit divide to debate the issues at our WOW panel on Friday 10 March 2017. Here, she tells us why women need to stand together.

After a tumultuous 2016, what would you say is the impact of recent political events on women? 
The world has seemed a crueller place this past year, with, amongst other terrible events, the Syrian conflict, and the tearing down of the Calais migrant camps. In wars or forced migrations, women almost always suffer most because they and their children are more vulnerable to cold, starvation and violence.

What would you like to see happen for women this year?
Here in the UK, the issue of domestic violence is still not fully understood and properly investigated. I'd like to see misogyny classified as a hate crime so that the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, judges and juries would better recognise the damage it does to individuals and to the wider society.

Women are one group among many who have felt the impact of recent political events. How would you say we can we best support each other in changing times?
We must all be a little kinder to each other and offer a helping hand whenever we can, just as women support each other online when someone is being harassed and threatened by misogynistic trolls.

What one thing would help create a better world for women?
A more equal society. We must argue for fair pay ratios, good childcare and free education for all children, throughout the world.