Q&A: Cariad Lloyd on death, art and Bowie

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 12:12

We caught up with comedian, actor and writer Cariad Lloyd ahead of her appearance in How Do We Live with Death? on Sunday 5 March.

Do you think comedy is important in dealing with matters of life and death?
Yes, because the laughing can be a nice break from the dying.

Name three things you want to do before you die.
Write a book, learn the correct time to plant bulbs and finish watching Gilmore Girls.

If there is an afterlife, what would you want it to look like?
Like a soft play centre but with no height restrictions.

What would your funeral song be?
I’d make them play the whole of Station to Station by David Bowie. If you listen to all 10 minutes you end up in a better place.

Do you believe any part of us continues to exist after death?
I think depending on how stubborn you are, your soul hangs around for a bit.

Name a work of art (can be any art form) that has made you think differently about the meaning of life.
Ai Weiwei’s Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn – I think it reminds you of the power of choice and the futility and stupidity of trying to control anything.

What do you believe in, above all else?
Improv. Do you think a more spiritual world would be a better place? Yes, but also one with more chocolate and tea breaks would be a good place to start.

One of the free installations over the weekend is an exhibition of bespoke Crazy Coffins. What would your 'crazy coffin' look like?
It would be painted blood red, with the words, ‘I don’t forgive any of you’ on the front and then ‘#jokes’ on the back. It’s nice to have something to read as the coffin comes up the aisle.

As part of our year-long Belief and Beyond Belief festival, Cariad takes part in the panel discussion Life After Life: Creativity and Death on Sunday 5 March.

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