Plan your festival: Being a Man for the politically minded

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 14:17

Being A Man is a three day festival packed with talks, debates and performances covering a broad spectrum of topics that connect with, or influence, 21st-century masculinity.

To help you plan your visit to this year's festival on 24-26 November – particularly if you’ve chosen to purchase a day or weekend pass – we’ve put together a series of guides. In this, the first of our BAM guide trilogy, we focus on events that have a political bent.


The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall at 10.30am

A boy’s journey into manhood: Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is an African-American writer of 12 books, a well-known political activist, and the co-founder of BK Nation, a new American civil rights and human rights organisation. He kicks off this year’s Being A Man festival in this conversation.

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The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall at 12 noon

Emotional rescue: men, suicide & mental health

Chances are, you’re already aware of the devastatingly high suicide rate among men – particularly those under 35 – but how can this be reduced? Hear from Rotimi Akinsete, Director of Wellbeing at the University of Surrey, and Jack Rooke, comedian, founder of Black Men on the Couch, and CALM campaigner.

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Level 5 Function Room, Green side, Royal Festival Hall at 2pm

The paternity debate

Why have changes in paternity leave laws failed to translate into fathers taking more time off work when their children are born? Angela Saini, author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong – and The New Research That’s Rewriting the Story, leads this discussion.

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Weston Roof Pavilion, Level 6, Green side, Royal Festival Hall at 3.30pm

Teenage knife crime

Victims of knife crime are overwhelmingly young men who live in inner city areas. Why is this so and what can be done to stop these tragic deaths and injuries? Featuring in this talk is Pastor Lorraine Jones, director of Dwaynamics; a boxing scheme established in Brixton, London by her son in 2013, and continued in his memory after he was fatally stabbed a year later.

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St Paul's Roof Pavilion, Level 6, Blue side, Royal Festival Hall at 1.15pm

Why are most terrorists men?

A panel of experts debates the links between toxic masculinity and acts of violence perpetrated in the name of politics and religion. With Hussein Kesvani, a journalist and consultant for Theos Think Tank.

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The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall at 3.45pm

Standing up for her rights: equality

So many men want to be good feminist allies, but what can you do to turn your belief in gender equality into reality? Speakers include author and activist, Kevin Powell, famous for his campaigns for women’s rights in America.

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St Paul's Roof Pavilion, Level 6, Blue side, Royal Festival Hall at 3.15pm

From Trump to Trudeau: masculinity in power

Men in power display their masculinity in vastly different ways, from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron. Discussion with a panel including politicians and authors.

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Being A Man takes place at Southbank Centre from 24 - 26 November, 2017. To get the most out of this year's festival, buy a day or weekend pass to see all of the events mentioned above, and more.

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