Philharmonia Orchestra: Weimar and the influence of the Bauhaus

What was it like to be a student at the Bauhaus? Find out more about this wellspring of creativity as part of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s series Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis.

In 1919, not only was the Weimar Republic founded, but Walter Gropius, the architect, also founded what would become a game-changing art school – the Bauhaus. 

Design and Detachment (4/6) - Philharmonia Orchestra


In this film the Philharmonia Orchestra team travels to Weimar and Dessau to uncover what it was like to be a student at the Bauhaus, especially as a woman. Historian Philipp Blom and writer Theresia Enzensberger explain the parallels to our own time, and how technology and art intersected to create a new, utopian vision for life and design. Series Advisor, Gavin Plumley, also shares Walter Gropius’s curious connection to the world of music.

In early Bauhaus there really was deep engagement with not only form, but also function; how people and their environment interact and shape each other. These things were very intensely thought about.
Philipp Blom, Historian


On Thursday 26 September, the Philharmonia Orchestra, led by Esa-Pekka Salonen, present a selection of music by Weimar-era composers as they continue their Weimar Berlin series with Angels and Demons.

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