Philharmonia Orchestra – Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis

The Weimar Republic (1919-33), which emerged from the chaos of Imperial Germany’s defeat in the First World War, provoked an astonishing explosion of invention and innovation from the outstanding creative talents of the time. A whole generation of composers, writers, dramatists, poets, painters and film-makers would go on to affect the whole course of Western culture in the 20th century.

This summer, the Philharmonia Orchestra and principal conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen bring to life the world-famous influence of these artists that still delights and fascinates us today.

Find out more about Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis in this short video with the series advisor Gavin Plumley.

Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis (Philharmonia Orchestra)


Discover the sights, and most importantly the, sounds of the Weimar Republic.
Gavin Plumley, series advisor for the Philharmonia’s Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis

Discover the Philharmonia’s colourful series this summer, starting with a concert featuring theatrical works by Berg, Weill and Shostakovich on Sunday 9 June in Royal Festival Hall.

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