Nordic but nice; three tips to survive Autumn’s onset

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 09:00

We’ve folded away the garden furniture, stopped asking for iced everything in cafes, and can’t remember where we put our sunglasses. But rather than lament the loss of the carefree days of summer, it’s time to look forward to what lays ahead.

From Friday 20 October to Sunday 22 October, we host The Great Nordic Feast here at Southbank Centre. And you can rest assured there will be no mourning the onset of Autumn among the Nordic nations, who instead embrace each new season with excitement and enthusiasm.

Often considered to be the happiest nations in the world, the outlook of the eight Nordic destinations - Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Aland Islands and Faroe Islands - is a symphony of inclusiveness, openness and enjoyment. And these Nordic values are echoed in their approach to food; in the way it is cooked, eaten and sometimes even foraged for.

So to get you in the mood for The Great Nordic Feast, and to help you feel more positive toward the colder months that come, we give you three top Nordic tips to survive the onset of Autumn.

The Great Nordic Feast

Stay Hygge

Literally translating as ‘cosy’, hygge is a popular Danish term, similar to the Buddhist idea of mindfulness. But it’s much more than just surrounding yourself in blankets, it requires consciousness, a certain slowness and the ability to not just be present, but to recognise and enjoy the present too.

Have Lagom

This Swedish word literally means ‘just the right amount’. It promotes the idea of everything in moderation - something which us Brits aren’t necessarily that familiar with - but one which ensures mind, body and soul are left satisfied.

Experience the Friluftsliv

Translating as ‘free air life, friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv) encourages spending more time outdoors, whatever the weather, and escaping the artificially-lit bunker of the workplace to experience nature, however we can.

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The Great Nordic Feast is at Southbank Centre from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 October for you to pique your foodie passions and discover more about the Nordic nations

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