My Mixtape: Vessels

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 11:00

Vessels are a five-man collective from Leeds who have moved seamlessly from post-rock to techno during their thirteen year life-span and now sit at the forefront of the UK electronic music scene. On 16 June the group dock at our Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer for a live performance and DJ set in a special Meltdown edition of Concrete Lates.

Ahead of this appearance as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown, we asked the band to put together a mixtape of tracks they’re listening to right now and drummer Tim Mitchell, stepped up to the challenge. Here’s what he’s plucked for and why.

Black Snow – Oneohtrix Point Never

Impossible to pin down, the latest release from Daniel Lopatin is surprisingly accessible but characteristically great.

Try – Nosaj Thing (featuring Toro y Moi)

I am currently listening to the Nosaj Thing back catalogue after seeing him live a couple of times over the last year. It was hard to pull out one track, but I have gone for this one with Toro Y Moi from 2013 just because of the groove. The new album Parallels is also immense.

Translate (Dark Sky ‘Psych’ remix) – Suuns

Suuns and Dark Sky are two of my favourite artists at the moment. This remix manages to get them both in this list in one fell swoop, and contains what is unique and interesting about both of them.

KDM (Barker and Baumecker remix) – Blondes

These guys were responsible for one of our collective favourite Vessels remixes, and their own music is pretty great too (check out Turns). Here they are, on top notch remix form again.

Strand – Stephan Bodzin

Bodzin has such a recognisable style and even though many tracks share the same sound palette and aesthetic it never seems to get old. Powers of Ten was one of my most-listened to techno releases for a long time. This is a new cut from him and all the classic elements are there.

Unfolding – Rival Consoles

We have played with and crossed paths with Ryan from Rival Consoles a number of times, a purveyor of a now extremely distinctive style of cerebral and emotive electronica. This is the first track from his new album and there is a lot going on both rhythmically and melodically. It stands repeated listens.

Nordschleife – Jacques Greene

A consistently interesting electronic dance artist in my opinion with a recognisable style that works equally well on both the dancefloor or on headphones. I like the way he often uses a repetitive vocal loop in his tracks to build a cumulative impact as the track progresses and the music moves around it; a technique which is on particularly good display in this new release.

When She Flashes Her Smile on Me – Inwards

One of the many gems I have discovered through listening to Tom Ravenscroft. This has a beautifully quirky vibe but is also extremely affecting.

Atlas – Dawn of MIDI

Polyrhythmic techno performed by a jazz trio set up, but definitely not in any traditional way. I came across them supporting Nils Frahm at Colston Hall in Bristol a few years ago and I’m currently revisiting the album. The interlocking rhythmic push and pull between the three of them is astounding. This is just one track out of a sequence – the whole album needs to be listened to from start to finish for the full effect.

Turnmills – Maribou State

The latest release from Maribou State. As usual with these guys, I really like the mixture of the organic live feel and the more club-orientated vibe. Not an easy balance to pull off successfully.


Vessels joined us at Southbank Centre on 16 June to play a live performance and DJ set for a Meltdown special of our new club night Concrete Lates.

Meltdown festival is just one aspect of our live contemporary music programme here at Southbank Centre. We have gigs, performances and late night DJ sets throughout the year.

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