My Mixtape: Mew’s Jonas Bjerre

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 15:33

It’s 15 years since Danish band Mew released their much loved album, And The Glass Handed Kites. And to celebrate this, they’ll be joining us here in May to give a special 15th anniversary performance of the record on our Royal Festival Hall stage.

Ahead of this eagerly awaited gig we’ve been getting to know the band a bit better, and so we asked them to put together some short mixtapes featuring some of the favourite tracks. And here are the selections from lead-singer Jonas Bjerre, followed by a few details from him on why he hand-picked this particular half-dozen.

‘Venus’ - Molina

Molina is a new artist based in Copenhagen. I follow her record label on twitter and really fell in love with her song ‘Venus’. She has a really interesting approach to songwriting, and I like her voice a lot.


‘выше домов’ - Sirotkin


This is a beautiful song that my wife introduced me to; I really like the melancholy in it. It has a really nice video too, which was shot in Georgia. Irrelevant to this song, but did you know wine was invented in Georgia, more than 8,000 years ago?


‘San Cristobal De Las Casas’ - Swirlies

And oldie but goodie. Swirlies formed in Massachusetts, and their frontman Damon Tutunjian produced our first album A Triumph For Man, in Copenhagen. He's subsequently been involved in some way, in almost every album we've done. A great creative soul and an extraordinary guitar player.


‘Memory’ - Com Truise

I have to admit, I first heard this song on the television series Happy; I just really like the way it felt with the credits. I like to put this kind of music on when I'm working on something visual. It kinda drives you to not get tired.


‘DWID’ - Ryabina

Some shameless promotion here of my wife, Sasha. I like this song very much, and it's been inspirational to follow how she wrote and recorded it, in most unusual ways.


‘Quorum’ - Low

I discovered this album quite late, I think it came out last year. It's something of a departure from their earlier sound, very experimental. I think it's brilliant. It's kind of devastating to listen to. 




Bjerre and his Mew band-mates perform And the Glass Handed Kites here at Southbank Centre on Tuesday 12 May.

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