My Mixtape: Manu Delago

Friday, August 23, 2019 - 13:16

In October we welcome the Grammy-nominated percussionist and composer Manu Delago to Queen Elizabeth Hall to present his new album in a performance which promises dream-like handpan sounds and energetic orchestral beats.

Ahead of this concert, to set the tone for his Southbank Centre performance, Delago kindly curated this mixtape of his favourite artists, and explains his choices below.

“I put together a playlist with some of my favourite artists. All of the tracks have elements of orchestral instruments; either combined with electronic sounds or they sound very inspired by electronic music. 

“As with my new album 'Circadian' I structured the playlist like a journey in time that starts in the afternoon, and then leads through the night hours, to an abrupt morning awakening.

“Musically speaking that means the first tracks have some epic brass and synths sounds. 'Nautilus' by Anna Meredith is a masterpiece that sounds like she won the lottery jackpot and '4 Degrees' by Anohni is an incredibly powerful environment anthem. The next two tracks are both by German artists and take a slightly more trancy role, with a healthy breeze of techno. The brass-band Meute are one of my favourite live acts and Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble masterfully combine orchestral sounds with minimal beats. 

“From here string instruments take over, starting with Sarah Neufeld & Colin Stetson who recorded one of the most beautiful tracks of all time. Melatonin kicks in and Galya Bisengalieva takes you through a deep sleep phase with some soothing violin drone sounds. The Estonian artist Maarja Nuut adds some charismatic vocals to the nocturnal string world. 

“And, in the middle of your dreams, the surreal mix of French Romantic music and American Gospel hits you in the form of serpentwithfeet. 

“To prepare the listener for my new album I ended this playlist with my musical alarm clock, 'Zeitgeber', which gets you out of bed and starts another glorious day.”



Manu Delago presents his new album, with a nine-piece ensemble, here at Southbank Centre on Thursday 3 October. 

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