Mica Levi: How to compose

We love this interview with Mica Levi, conducted when London Sinfonietta worked with her band Micachu & The Shapes on their album Chopped and Screwed.

Micachu And The Shapes with London Sinfonietta - 4Play Documentary

Within this short documentary Levi talks about her approach to music-making and the importance of constantly being creative. She also discusses the significance of making her own instruments and the challenging nature of her collaboration with the London Sinfonietta.

Hear her score for the film, Under the Skin, performed live by London Sinfonietta on Tuesday 4 April.

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It's satisfying to make your own instruments. It means that when you write music on them, you approach it differently... If you have something new in front of you, there's no rules.
Mica Levi