Live Forever III (2001) by Lee Bul

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 10:42

Lee Bul’s Live Forever III (2001) is an interactive sculpture that – at intervals throughout the exhibition – visitors are able to enter, one at a time. Once inside this futuristic karaoke pod they can sing to their heart’s content. Playing on a screen inside the pod are three videos made by the artist – Amateurs, Anthem and Live Forever (all 1999/2012) – over which lyrics scroll. 

Installation photograph of Lee Bul: Crashing at Hayward Gallery. Copyright: Lee Bul. Photograph: Mark Blower


In these videos, as Lee Bul comments, there is no ‘single controlling perspective’ and no sense of an ‘eye’ behind the camera. As a result, we feel more fully involved in the scenes that they portray, which include a night-time drive along the elevated highway that used to run through the heart of Seoul. Providing viewers with a kind of second skin, the smooth contours of Live Forever III allude to the human form, and recall the sleek bodies of her earlier cyborgs.




Lee Bul: Crashing at Hayward Gallery runs until 19 August 2018

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