Listen to Robert Webb: How Not to be a Boy

Robert Webb is a comedian, actor, author and life-long male. His book How Not To Be A Boy looks back across Webb’s life, whilst also considering the absurd expectations boys and men have thrust upon them at every stage of life, and how this shapes boys on their journey into manhood.

Robert Webb: How Not To Be A Boy by Southbank Centre: Artists, Thinkers, Writers

In this podcast, recorded from his appearance at Being A Man festival, Webb joins broadcaster Nihal Arthanayake for a frank and funny conversation about not living by the rules of masculinity. Why are boys not supposed to cry? How hard is it to practice gender-neutral parenting? And, what your television says about your social statues.

What are we saying to a boy when we say ‘man up’ or ‘act like a man’? ...sometimes it has a sinister and harmful meaning, which is, that negative feeling that you’re feeling, stop expressing it. And the more you hear that, the more it starts to sound uncannily like that feeling that you’re feeling, stop feeling it.
Robert Webb

Robert Webb was appearing at Southbank Centre as part of Being A Man festival, 2017. His, was just one of a number of talks and discussions around what it means to be a man in the 21st century

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