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William Boyd is one of our most masterful, playful and prodigious writers. In this podcast of his recent talk at Southbank Centre, he draws you into the world of his fictional creations.

The Many Fictions of William Boyd by Southbank Centre

In this talk, delivered in our Royal Festival Hall, Boyd talks the audience through his life as a creator of many fictions, beginning with the publication of his first novel, A Good Man In Africa in 1981. The author offers you a one-off opportunity to explore, what our Senior Literature Programmer, Ted Hodgkinson, terms ‘the hall of mirrors world of a singular imagination’, as he describes his many characters, including the infamously fictional artist Nat Tate.

The key factor in fiction is to make your readers believe in the truth of the story
William Boyd

William Boyd is one of a number of high profile writers and authors to appear on our stage this Autumn, following the culmination of the 2017 London Literature Festival.

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