Listen to the best of London Literature Festival 2017

Autumn 2017 saw a wealth of literary and oratory talent descend on Southbank Centre for the London Literature Festival. This podcast delivers a snapshot of the packed three-week programme, with memorable moments from some of the headline talks featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton, Philip Pullman, Tom Hanks and Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, as well as a unique insight to Poetry International in the festival’s 50th year.

London Literature Festival 2017 Highlights by Southbank Centre

London Literature Festival is a celebration of literature in all its forms; poetry, novels, non-fiction and spoken word. Last year the festival centred around the theme of a ‘world on the brink’ in which we gave special focus to writers and authors who address the great challenges the world is facing at the moment, and utilise literature as a space in which we explore the potential for reimagining it, and the future.

In this podcast you’ll hear Rodham Clinton’s thoughts on ‘fake news’, why Pullman never forgot about ‘Pale Gas’, how Hanks’ parents finally found what they were looking for, and you’ll hear a former Prime Minister describe the moment Amy Winehouse told Nelson Mandela he had much in common with her husband.

...this statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square; his hands outstretched with a vision of the future, his finger pointing upwards in defiance, saying no injustice shall last forever, and courage and sacrifice in the name of freedom will not be in vain, and that is the legacy of Nelson Mandela.
Rt Hon. Gordon Brown, speaking during Nelson Mandela: The Presidential Years

London Literature Festival may have now finished, but our literary and talks programme continues to deliver fascinating events throughout the year.

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