Just three months left to Let The Light In

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Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 10:54

Our historic refurbishment to ‘let the light in’ to the Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room is now into the final stretch.

With just three months left to go until the scheduled completion of the project to bring new life to our iconic brutalist venues, there has been a flurry of activity on the east side of the Southbank Centre.

The project’s signature moment, the restoration of the Hayward Gallery’s 66 distinctive pyramid rooflights, was completed a few months ago, but inside and around the buildings there is still much work underway, and to be done, to get them ready for their reopening.

Let The Light In update - October 2017
From outside, the new pyramids reference their predecessors, but the considered detailing of the glass and stainless steel reflects the sky, creating a changing palette of tone and shadow according to the time of day, the season or the view.
Chris Allen, Architect at FCB Studios
Let The Light In update - October 2017
From within the upper galleries there is now a transformational quality of light throughout the year, fulfilling Henry Moore’s wish to admit ‘God’s good light’ and fulfilling Southbank Centre’s vision to Let The Light In.
Chris Allen, Architect at FCB Studios
Let The Light In update - October 2017

In the newly glazed Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer cafe and bar, a new timber ceiling has been installed to help give a warmer feel to the space.

Let The Light In update - October 2017

The Queen Elizabeth Hall auditorium is also coming back to life; the timber floor has been returned to the cross aisle walkway and its fixtures and fittings will be installed early in the new year.

Let The Light In update - October 2017

Out in the Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer the new pyramid lining for the ceiling lights and door-frames is ongoing, but there are now just four more to be clad.

Let The Light In update - October 2017

And over in the Purcell Room, work continues to finish the stage, before it too receives its remaining fixtures and fittings.

Your help is still needed

This renovation marks a new chapter for these much-loved buildings, giving improved facilities, and experiences, for both artists and audiences. But in order to complete this vital refurbishment, we need your support.

You can donate a gift of any size, name a seat, or even buy exclusive jewellery inspired by these iconic 1960s buildings. Every gesture and every donation will help us return these spaces to their original splendour.

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All photographs courtesy of Richard Battye at FCB Studios.