Francesco Tristano: 5 essential videos

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 12:44

It’s difficult to define Francesco Tristano’s place in music today.

With an output continually oscillating between classical and electronic, he’s built up an equal respect in both camps, and more. In his first solo piano recording in five years, Piano Circle Songs sees Francesco return to his first passion with a selection of newly composed works, also featuring award-winning Canadian pianist and songwriter Chilly Gonzales. 

Ahead of the live UK premiere performance of Piano Circle Songs at Southbank Centre this month, we select 5 essential videos to bring you up to speed with this shape shifting artist.

Circle Song

The title track from Francesco’s latest recording, 'Circle Song' aims to translate the form of the circle from geometry to music. It’s emblematic of the rest of Piano Circle Songs, which explores the gentler, more innocent side of his creative personality with simple, poignant melodies being the key, in part inspired by becoming a father.

Francesco Tristano - Circle Song (Official Video)

Francesco Tristano Boiler Room Germany Live Set

Unafraid of pushing both genre and tradition, Francesco’s 2015 Boiler Room set is the perfect demonstration of the fusion he embodies, an enthralling 50 minutes of live rhythmic classical piano mixed with synth tinged electronica.

Francesco Tristano Boiler Room & Ballantine's Stay True Germany Live Set

Grey Light

Another track from Piano Circle Songs, the tender 'Grey Light' is met with gloomy visuals from video directors Guillermo Carreras-Candi and Kumjana Novakova.

Francesco Tristano - Grey Light (Official Video)

Behind the scenes: Circle Song

Sit piano side with Francesco as he talks through 'Circle Song's' concept and creation.

Strings of Life - Derrick May ft. Francesco Tristano & L'Orchestre Lamoureux

No stranger to collaboration, Francesco has recently recorded with Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Mortiz Von Oswald and Alice Sara Ott. Here he performs Derrick May's iconic techno anthem 'Strings of Life' onstage in Paris alongside L'Orchestre Lamoureux and of course, the techno innovator himself.

Derrick May - Strings of Life - ft. Francesco Tristano & L'Orchestre Lamoureux - 4K

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